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Back Pain Treatments

Maybe you are looking for lower, thoracic or upper back pain treatment options. There is a good chance you have already tried the various medications, injections, home exercises & stretches and even bought back pain relief products…

…but you still suffer chronic and even excruciating back pain or sciatica.

There are dozens of treatment options available to you, many of them you probably have not heard about from your doctor. My goal is to educate you and empower you so that you can decide what is right for you.

My Highest Recommended Back Pain Treatment Options

Here I will share solutions for lower, upper or middle back pain that are PROVEN to work from 25 years clinical experience and thousands of hours of research.

So no generic exercises and stretches for backache or treatments that do NOT provide effective and permanent pain relief.

Instead I hope to empower you how to treat and care for back pain. Natural remedies and treatments you can perform at home, so you can finally get relief from your chronic and maybe even excruciating back pain and sciatica…

How to Treat Back Pain Naturally

I will share with you here my 4 highest recommended natural treatments which can be done from home…

1) ‘The 5 Day Back Pain Healing Plan’ – FREE For Limited Time5 day back pain healing plan back pain truth

Everyday my inbox is literally filled with hundreds of questions about how to treat lower, middle and upper back pain, naturally from home. My first reaction is almost always to recommend people to start with this book.

This is an’ A to Z’ or a crash course if you like on the most effective ways to treat pain. But also the quickest way people can uncover which treatment options are right for them. For now, you can still get a FREE copy of this book… Click here to get your free copy.

2) Natural Pain Relievers & Topical Pain Creams

These are basically alternatives to Prescription Drugs, NSAID’s or Pain Killers… Your doctor probably regularly prescribed them to you as the best option for pain relief.

But despite what you have been told you do not have to play risky prescription medication roulette with your health to get pain relief. There are natural alternatives that are as effective and don’t have dangerous side effects.

As mentioned throughout our site, you always want to address the underlying causes of your pain and not just the symptoms. However, that can some times be difficult to do when the symptoms are severe. If you need to reduce the pain right away, you can look into natural pain relievers, heating pads, or a topical pain creams.

Watch the video below to learn more about the dangers of prescription medications for pain. If you wish to find out more about safer and natural pain relief, then click here to learn more about the my #1 recommended Natural Pain Relief supplement.

3) Spinal Balance Therapy

This works well for back pain, neck pain, sciatica, disc bulging to name but a few…

In our modern society we all use our bodies in an unbalanced manner, which eventually leads to muscle imbalances. The point is that certain muscles are not used much, some are in shortened positions and others are overused day to day.

Muscles that are not used much will weaken and those that are in shortened positions or used more become tighter or stronger. On one side of the body muscles can become tight and the opposing muscles are weak.

This will pull your spine (your body) out of alignment which results in uneven or excess stresses on various structures in the spine and eventually resulting in lower, middle and upper back pain.

These muscle imbalances are the #1 cause for the development of most back pain conditions.

So let’s have a look at some examples of muscle imbalances, causing the body and spine to be thrown out of alignment…

Example 1 – Forward Tilted Pelvis           Example 2 – Backward Tilted Pelvis

forward tilted pelvis muscle imbalances

neutral pelvis position backwards-tilt-pelvis


Imbalances in opposing muscles are as follows:

Forward Tilted Pelvis                                             Backward Tilted pelvis
– Weak Abdominal muscles                                   – Weak Hip flexors
– Weak Hamstrings                                                  – Weak Quads
– Weak buttock muscles                                          – Weak back muscles (erector spinae)
– Tight Hip flexors                                                    – Tight Abdominal muscle
– Tight Quads                                                             – Tight buttock muscles
– Tight back muscles (erector spinae)                   – Tight quadratus lumborum muscle

So as you can see it is imperative to deal with the TRUE underlying cause, which is to restore the muscle imbalances, if effective and lasting back pain relief is to be achieved.

By using ‘Spinal Balance Therapy’ at home people are able to  gradually cure their bad lower back, sciatica and neck pain.

Click here to learn more about Spinal Balance Therapy

4) Spinal Decompression

Decompressing the spine is a great, natural way to reduce back pain and has many other fantastic benefits. teeter inversion therapy table

Decompression can be achieved at home by using an inversion therapy table. In other words you will be upside down (although build up to this gradually over time). It allows for the body to decompress naturally using your body weight and gravity. This way soft tissue in the discs / joints can hydrate and decompress.

Progressive decompression allows each disc / joint to be decompressed by the same weight that compresses it whilst upright. This “progressive” stretch helps naturally relieve back pain.

But it also helps to keep the weight-bearing joints healthy and allowing the weight-bearing skeleton to align, which can result in better balance, posture, and symmetry.

Click here to read more on how Spinal Decompression can change your life.

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