The Number ONE Treatment for Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease

In the previous article I wrote about the 2 myths of Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease. So let's have a look at what treatment for lumbar degenerative disc disease is most effective.

I discussed that the discs don't necessarily degenerate because of getting older. It is more complex then that, as gravity is the main culprit in this process. In our daily lives we are upright, either standing or sitting, which means that our spine is constantly being compressed.

The discs can't replenish the fluids they need for long term health. The fluid itself will make sure the discs remain hydrated and with these fluids nutrients are being absorded too. When being constantly compressed this important process for avoidance of early degeneration can NOT happen!

So either we walk around on all four (like other mammals do in animal kingdom, thus do not have spinal problems like we humans do) or we perform a particular exercise as part of a daily disc maintenance routine. Just like you and I brush and floss our teeth to keep them free of cavities etc.

The spine is no different!

The following exercise / routine is the most effective way of looking after the long term health of our spine based on 20 years clinical experience...

Inversion Therapy Can maintain a Healthy Spine for Life!

Inversion therapy using an inversion table is from my experience the most effective way to maintain a healthy spine for life.

For those suffering with a discogenic condition, inversion therapy is the best treatment. It provides the discs affected with the best possible change to heal naturally.

below is a video that explains the use of an inversion therapy and the benefits...

Inversion therapy is a natural way to decompress the spine (reversing the daily compression in the spine naturally) allowing fluid replenishment and thus nutrients to be absorbed daily to maintain a healthier discs and to improve disc health again.

30 Day Trial of the Teeter Hang Ups EP-560

The Teeter inversion tables are the ONLY ones adhering to the latest safety standards. Where all the other tables fail on the tests after so many hours of use the Teeter Hang Ups inversion tables are still in perfect working order...

Just imagine you are upside down and the table breaks thus falling head down first. For this reason I ONLY recommend the Teeter inversion tables to my patients and readers here on this site.

To start your 30 Day trial and experience the benefits yourself please CLICK HERE

You will not be disappointed with the results, but if for any reason you do not get the benefits (which is unlikely) Teeter will just collect the inversion table again at the end of your trial period, no questions asked.


Please let us know by leaving a comment below how you are getting on with your trial, if you decide to take it up, to help others here too...good luck

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