Tailbone Pain Causes

Tailbone pain, known medically as coccydenia, can be literally a 'pain in the bud' experience as most of us spend many hours sitting each day. As soon as you sit down the tailbone, or coccyx, can become more irritated due to direct pressure on the tailbone.

For those with an injury of their tailbone should avoid any direct contact with a hard surface, because it is an extremely sensitive area.

 Tailbone Pain Exercises - 1 Minute Pain Relief Tip

Causes of Tailbone Pain or Coccydenia

The majority of tailbone pain causes are related to trauma or injury to the tailbone, like falling backwards onto the coccyx. Or like a impact injury performing contact sports. Although this is the most common tailbone pain cause, other causes are...

  • repetitive straining or friction to the tailbone area,
  • bone spurs,
  • infections and
  • other conditions do cause tailbone pain.

The tailbone is a triangular shaped bony structure that is located at the bottom of the spinal column. It is held together by joints and ligaments and is composed of three to five small bones.

Coccyx Injuries Are More Common in Woman

The reason for this is the anatomy of the female body.

The female pelvis is generally wider than that of males, which causes the coccyx to be more exposed. During pregnancy the ligaments keeping the tailbone into place are softened due to the hormonal chances.

During giving birth, when the baby’s head is born, the tailbone is pushed back into the body. Because of the ligaments attached to the tailbone, it can continue to move when you perform various activities such as going to the toilet, sitting, walking and all of the other daily activities that we do.

The treatment for coccydenia is mostly anti-inflammatory pills and pain relieving creams. Better would be to try some natural supplements or creams to relief the pain.

But there is a much better and easier way to treat tailbone pain...

The Easiest Way to Treat Tailbone Pain!

By far the easiest treatment is the use of a back pain seat cushion. This type of cushion takes away the pressure on your tailbone when you are in a sitting position, which is something most of us do many hours each day.

The perfect back pain seat cushion has a tailbone cutout which allows one to sit comfortably, as the direct pressure is alleviated and at the same time supporting the tailbone.

Because the direct pressure on the coccyx is removed, one can sit longer with less pain.

If you wish to learn more about my top recommended seat cushion for those with tailbone pain, please click on the link below...

The Best Back Pain Seat Cushion for Those with Tailbone Pain

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