The Herbal Remedy That Relieves Pain, Combats Inflammation and Fights Weight Gain

There is nothing worse then struggling with back pain or joint pain everyday. It can have a dramatic effect on the quality of your life.

Even worse on top of that most will probably resort out of desperation to dangerous prescription medication. Or even have those very dangerous steroid injections.

Unfortunately not many will know about or been told by their doctor about the amazing natural remedies that natures provide for us.

Here is an interesting article on NaturalNews that discusses the herbal remedy turmeric golden honey, that fights weight gain, relieves pain and combats inflammation.

Instead of playing prescription medication roulette with your health this is definitely worth a try…

[NaturalNews] You might have heard about the many health benefits of turmeric – or maybe you still think of this popular spice as only belonging in your spice rack. Either way, you may be surprised to find out that a simple combination of turmeric and honey (known as “golden honey”) is an extremely useful natural remedy, as recently reported by Natural News.

turmeric health benefits


An extensive source on all health benefits of turmeric can be found on the site Positive Health Wellness

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties that make it very good for your health. It is also able to destroy bacteria that cause diseases, aiding your body’s natural defense system. Combine turmeric with honey – which has its own antibacterial properties – and you have a pretty strong natural remedy. In fact, according to Healthy and Natural World, turmeric golden honey is considered to be the strongest natural antibiotic.

Turmeric and pain relief

According to Bel Marra Health, turmeric is actually a natural pain reliever – again thanks to its powerful active ingredient, curcumin. Its antioxidant properties help to get rid of free radicals before they can do any damage, and also combat inflammation brought on by osteoarthritis, making turmeric a natural remedy for pain.

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What natural remedies have you used effectively?

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