pHi-Zymes – Proteolytic Enzymes


Baseline Nutritionals’® patented pHi-Zymes® is the world’s most powerful, systemic proteolytic enzyme formula that includes Protease, Nattokinase, and Seaprose enzymes.

pHi-Zymes® Support Cardiovascular Health, Endurance, & Performance:

  • World’s most powerful systemic proteolytic enzyme formula to help reduce inflammation.
  • Helps your body clean out and repair the cardiovascular system for health or athletic performance.
  • Reduces Circulating Immune Complexes that can lead to allergies and systemic inflammation.
  • Optimizes the quality of blood.
  • Helps with factors that can cause autoimmune disorders.

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  1. Charles Nagarah

    /1|li am interested in phi zhymes proteolytic enzymes

  2. Arjen Bootsma

    May I ask where you are located in the UK, US or other country?

    This way I can assist you better…

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