Nutrient 7,000% Better at Joint Pain Relief

Does the following scenario seem familiar to you...?

'Your joints hurt, the pain is just awful, it's preventing you from doing the activities you love doing and it’s making it hard to live and enjoy YOUR life.'

And on top of that you're frustrated because it seems there's no real solution out there... no honest-to-goodness real pain relief.

Regardless all the joint remedies you tried so far...

Reverse “Hopeless” Joint and Arthritis Pain With a Cushion of New Cartilage

Cartilage is the soft, pillow like padding that keeps your bones from grinding against each other.

In young joints, the cartilage between your bones is moist and thick... like a big, stable pillow that lets you walk, run, jump and get through your day like you’re sliding on silk.

But as our joints get older, that comfortable padding starts to wear thin.

Muscle imbalances worsen this process, as these cause excessive and uneven wear and tear.

Over time, the friction you feel in your joints starts a chain reaction of inflammation, burning, discomfort, and over time... agonizing pain.

Unfortunately when you see your doctor you are presented with the standard options:

Drugs... surgery... or both.

Does this sound familiar?

Here’s the good news...

You can actually regrow and rebuild your joints by adding NEW LAYERS of the soft, flexible cartilage that keeps you feeling young and pain free.

It is ALSO possible to make your joints fluid and flexible by adding more of the water-based “lubrication” that keeps your joints soft and moist.

The breakthroughs and new technologies you’ll discover today will help you get back to doing what you love to do... without the pain and risk of costly surgery or addictive drugs.

Now it’s possible to restore the fluid, easy movements you remember from years ago thanks to a remarkable discovery that lets your body MAKE MORE CARTILAGE.

Even better, this new compound is by far more “bioavailable,” or usable by your body, than anything you’ve seen before...

...and you feel the benefits within 12 hours.

I recommended this same discovery to my patients. It helped many of them to avoid surgery and years of endless pain... and I think it could help you, too.

Let me explain.

Collagen is the Missing Ingredient That Lets Your Body Build MORE healthy Joint Cartilage.

No just any collagen, but I'll come back to that shortly...

Collagen is the most readily available protein in your body. You’ll find it in fibrous tissues such as ligaments and tendons. These connective tissues in your joints are made of collagen, but it’s also found in cartilage and bone.

Basically...“the glue that holds your body together.”

But as you age, your body’s supply of collagen decreases and cartilage thins and breaks down.joint pain lage 50 older loss collagen

As a result, chronic dull burning pain and stiffness settle in to your joints. And your joints deteriorate, lose their flexibility and unleash more searing pain with every little movement.

By adding collagen back into your body, your body can replace damaged cartilage with new healthy tissue to rebuild your joint from the inside out. In other words restoring your mobility and flexibility and banishing joint pain forever.

And that is where a special type of collagen comes into play...

Collagen II® is 7,000% BETTER at Rejuvenating Cartilage

It’s called BioCell Collagen®. This remarkable nutrient supports healthy joint function by rebuilding cartilage and replenishing the lubricating synovial fluid your joints need for flexibility and motion.

It’s a patented collagen that naturally contains hydrolyzed Collagen Type II, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid that work together in synergy to do what other collagens simply can’t.

For one thing... what makes BioCell Collagen® so powerful at rebuilding cartilage is its smaller molecular size. The smaller size makes it much easier for your body to absorb.

This means that this super collagen can get into every tiny nook and cranny in your joints to quickly start building new collagen and healing joints.

Clinical trials have shown Collagen II is 7,000% better absorbed than regular collagen!

In a study published by researcher and formulator Dr. William Judy, the hyaluronic acid found in Collagen II® was absorbed at a 7,008 percent HIGHER rate than the control after 12 hours.

Other collagen molecules are simply too big for your body to absorb everywhere collagen is needed.

Next, cartilage is made up of cells called chondrocytes...

Chondrocytes help to nourish the cartilage. And when cartilage is damaged from wear and tear or age, chondrocytes replace the damaged cartilage.

But sometimes when we age, the chondrocytes become sluggish and can’t repair your cartilage. Your knees go stiff. Your hips can’t bend. Your fingers don’t move.

But here comes BioCell Collagen® (BCC) to the rescue. The collagen type II in BCC actually stimulates the chondrocytes to make new cartilage. And with its greater absorption rate , 7,000% to be excact, chondrocytes move faster than ever to repair your damaged cartilage.

Collagen ll Restores Joint Strength and Flexibility from the Inside Out

BioCell Collagen® also supports the healthy levels of a protein known as Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Why is this important?

joint pain collagen hyaluric acid healthHA is a key component of the synovial fluid in your joints. This fluid acts as a cushion and shock absorber for your joints.

HA keeps the synovial fluid in your joints from drying up. HA also helps your cartilage retain water to stay moist and supple

Or in other words, HA is a lubricant, thus keeping joints moist and “oiled” so they move smoothly with greater range of motion and flexibility.

But what you may not know is cartilage does not contain any blood vessels. So the only way cartilage gets any nutrients is through the synovial fluid. This is critical for cartilage regeneration and joint healing.

By the age of 50 the amount of HA in your body is reduced by half, according new research.

This loss leads to joint pain and stiffness making it difficult to move.

BioCell Collagen® contains highly absorbable hyaluronic acid to nourish and build cartilage, so you can move faster, better ... and without pain.

Finally, Biocell Collagen® also contains chondroitin sulfate to help maintain the healthy structure of your cartilage, reduce the painful swelling of inflamed joints and improve the functional mobility of knee and hip joints.

There have been more then 20 Clinical Trials to back this up!

Researchers have been studying BioCell Collagen® for over a decade...

Here are some of the outcomes of these clinical trials (which are pretty amazing):

  1. 89 patients suffering with various joint problems were given BioCell Collagen® every day - 80 out of 89 experienced reduction in joint discomfort.

2. BioCell Collagen® led to a 40% improvement in joint discomfort.

3. A BCC group experienced significant improvement in physical activities compared to the placebo group.

4. Taking BCC for just 28 days increased hyaluronic acid at least 60-fold.

...The list goes on.

The proper dosage levels shown to work in clinical trials

Below you will find the minimum dosage levels needed for beneficial effects...

  • 500mg of BioCell Collagen®
  • 300mg of hydrolyzed collagen,
  • 50mg of HA
  • 100mg chondroitin sulfate

I did some research and found 2 types that have all the ingredients but also at least the minimum dosage levels. Although both have higher dosage levels, one is extra strong and would recommend this for those suffering with more severe joint problems.

For Uk readers - 1) the cheaper option 2) higher dosage but more expensive option

For US readers - 1) higher dosage but more expensive option   (could not find a cheaper option with right dosage levels)

Please share your experiences here and let me know if you have questions by leaving comment below...

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