You May Increase Risk Heart Attack Having Dinner After 19:00

We all lead a busy lifestyle, rushing around all day and finishing late at work. By the time you got through the busy traffic and maybe spend some time with your partner or kids, it is late before you even have started the cooking.

Millions of Britons are increasing their risk of heart attacks by eating dinner after 7pm, experts have warned. Researchers assessed more than 700 adults with high blood pressure, to see what difference their diet and eating times made to their health.

Here is an interesting article on a study where they looked at the type of foods you eat in the evening and why after 19:00 it is not a good idea to eat anymore...

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"The research found that eating dinner late had the most significant impact on overnight blood pressure.

Having dinner within two hours of bed time did more damage than the long-established risk of having a high salt diet, the study found.

Cardiologists at the world’s largest heart conference said the study suggested that when people eat could be as important as what they eat.
A healthy diet meant eating a good breakfast and lunch, but limiting the last meal of the day to a light meal, ideally no later than  7pm, researchers said.

One in four Britons suffers from high blood pressure  - also known as hypertension - which is one of the key risks for heart disease.

In around 40 per cent of cases, blood pressure fails to drop properly overnight,  sharply increasing the chance of heart attacks.
The study found that those who eat eat dinner late are almost twice as likely to suffer from “non-dipper hypertension” - when pressure fails to drop properly over night.

In total 24.2 per cent of those who ate dinner within two hours of bed suffered from blood pressure which did not drop sufficiently overnight, compared with 14.2 per cent of those who ate their evening meal earlier."

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What time do you eat normally? Would you change that following the results of this study?

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