5 Ways to Overcome Depression

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The mind plays an important role in dealing with back pain effectively. Unfortunately many health professionals only look at a potential physical problem and never talk to the patient about a potentially emotionally underlying reason for their low back pain. John Sarno MD is an expert in dealing with back pain related to emotional issues. [...]

Do You Know if You are Chronicall Dy-Hydrated?

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Our diet plays an important role in preventing back pain. Water plays a vital role in this, but unfortunately most people live constantly in a de-hydrated state. This means that the discs in our spine do not get enough replenishing with needed nutrients for long term health and optimum functioning. It is highly important to [...]

4 Strategies for Listening to Your Body

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We all live a hectic life with lots of noise around us. When our bodies signal something is wrongs, we hardly have the time to listen. Regardless how much your back is aching, you gotta fight through it or ignore it to get out of bed in the morning and off to work. We just [...]

Why Nurturing Your Adrenals Is The Key To Optimal Health

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Good health and well being is very important to a back pain free life. Our diet plays a vital role in achieving good health and for our bodies to be able to reduce inflammation following an injury to our spinal structures and thus relieving pain properly in the process. Taking good care for your adrenals [...]

Top 8 Superfoods That Boost Your Mood & Energy Levels

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Our diet plays an important role in our health and thus our body being able to deal with pain effectively. eating the wrong foods, drinking a lot etc. will cause our body to be in an acidic state. This in turn causes our bodies not being able to deal with inflammation effectively and pain. Eating [...]

Must have healthy foods for the Family 2013

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Healthy eating or better to say eating the right foods and avoid foods that may seem healthy but are better to be avoided when it comes to good health... but even more importantly when it comes to the body being able to deal with inflammation and pain effectively. In my new book 'The 3 Pillars [...]

Meditation for pain relief gains respect from doctors

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The Mind Body Connection: Meditation is something a lot of people would be uncomfortable talking about in relation to pain management. As I keep saying here and mention to my patients the mind plays a very important role in relation to pain, especially chronic pain This is something that may go against what most health [...]

Maintain Your Health at Christmas With These 3 Easy Tips

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The Body Mind Connection: the holiday season is for most a very stressful time of the year. Running around to get all the food needed for that perfect day. Not to think about finding all the right presents on that long list... Stress and pain go hand in hand, not a good thing for those [...]

7 Seasonal Superfoods

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In my new book 'The 3 Pillars to Healing Back Pain Permanently' I talk about 'The Diet' as one of the Pillars that need to be addressed as part of an overall treatment plan of dealing with back pain. If your diet is such that it causes acidifying of your body's environment, it can't function [...]