How a 57 Year Old Finally Got RA Relief With One Simple Diet Change!

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How a 57 year old got finally RA relief... After suffering the physical changes brought on by rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for nearly three decades, Curt Griffing did what many people with RA wish they could do... he ditched the dangerous drugs and made simple change in his diet. He has not been in hospital for [...]

3 Superfoods That Are a Natural Antidepressant

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According to the latest statistics 10% of the population suffers from some form of depression. Unfortunately this number is only growing. Besides it being a health problem, depression, anxiety and repressed emotions can also cause back pain, caused by 'Trigger Points' in the muscles. People often have tests done and being told there is nothing [...]

Antioxidant Vitamin E Potential Weapon Obesity According New Study

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Science Daily reported that the antioxidant Vitamin E is a potential weapon against Obesity, which was discovered by accident by Manor's research team at Case Western. Obesity is rife in our society as we all know and has a major impact on our health. It is suggested that being overweight is the cause of back [...]

How to Reset Your Brain in 10 Minutes from Now

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In this stressful & noisy world it is no wonder we get stressed quickly and suffer from 'burn-out' more and more. Stress and anxiety have a negative impact on lower back pain too, so would it not be nice to have a button that could reset your brain and thus instantly refresh your brain from [...]

Chronic Back Pain Causes – Why You May Still Suffer Pain!

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Following yesterday's article about causes for lower back pain I think it may be good to touch on the chronic back pain causes subject too. I got a lot of kinds local the in questions about the 'potential' THIRD main cause of low back pain or sciatica. I touched shortly on the subject of 'The [...]

Emotional Component of Back Pain

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Back pain & sciatica is seen by most health professionals a pure physical issue. It is rarely that the whole 'human' is being treated. In the case of emotional issues and back pain it is not about 'it is in your head', no but more ongoing emotional issues like repressed anger mainly that causes changes [...]

5 Simple Rules to a Healthy Life

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Our diet plays a vital role when it comes to being healthy but also being free of low back pain. Unfortunately in today's fast paced society we don't give ourselves the change to eat properly. Often we get the easy option of a quick ready meal in the microwave or even skipping a meal all [...]

7 Ways to De-Stress in the Technology Age

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Yoga and meditation are a great way to deal with our daily stresses. 'My Yoga Online' is a great website that promotes everything that is good about yoga and I follow this site personally. It released a nice article about how to deal with all the noise and stimulation we find in today's society. We [...]

Start Your Spiritual Journey to a Healthier Life

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We live in a  world that is filled with noise, we are very busy which causes a lot of stress. All this has eventually a negative impact on our health and can also create back pain. Bringing some piece and spiritualism in your life can be great to combat all this. No it is not [...]

9 Popular Foods that Contain Toxic Ingredients

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Our diet has an important part to play in healing or preventing low back pain. In today's world we have the tendency to eat on the go, not cooking properly for ourselves, basically not taking the time to make sure that what we put in our bodies is healthy and provides the right nutrients. Cristina [...]