10 Common Back Pain Mistakes & Misconceptions

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Having worked with 1000's of back pain patients for the last 25 years in my Clinic, I came to realise that there are a number of common mistakes & misconceptions, when people try to find relief from their back ache. I have compiled the 10 most common mistakes & misconceptions I came across over the [...]

5 Minute Stretch to Eliminate Back Pain

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You ever had muscle pain and tightness and maybe decided to use a foam roller. If you did it probably provided fast relief, literally in just minutes. Some of the muscles more commonly affected when you have back pain are the Erector Spinae and Quadratus Lumborum (QL) muscles. Especially the QL can be a pain [...]

8 Arthritis Myths Debunked by Dr Mark Wiley

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I am sure you will find this special report from Dr. Mark Wiley, excerpted from his book 'Arthritis Reversed', as much an eye opener as I did:    Meet Dr. Mark Wiley 30 Days to Lasting Relief From Joint Pain and Arthritis. For any wellness action plan to work there must be a [...]

When to Use Ice Instead of Heat For Pain?

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I’ve regularly talked about how heat can relieve pain in muscles and joints, but also provide effective healing of soft tissue injuries. For those have been following me here on the site or have read my book, will know that my #1 favourite way of providing effective deep heat is Far Infrared heat. By far [...]

WARNING: This Popular Topical Pain Relief Cream is Dangerous

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There is a good chance you have one of these popular topical pain relief creams in your bathroom cabinet right now. And they can be very dangerous... In an issue of the journal Wounds, Dr. Terry Treadwell (founder of The Institute for Advanced Wound Care) points out this widely prescribed topical pain reliever can: Lead [...]

Daily Decompression Therapy for Lower Back Pain – Part 2

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In part 1 of 'why daily decompression therapy for lower back pain' is a MUST, I shared with you how the curse of modern western society, slumped positions or sitting, causes a gradual breakdown and weakening of the spinal discs. This is where that unexplained or 'non specific back pain' comes from, in other words [...]

Why Daily Decompression Therapy for Lower Back Pain is a MUST

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For those whom have been following me already know why decompression therapy for lower back pain is so important. Gravity is one of the 2 main causes of back ache, because in our daily upright position gravity causes compression of the spine. Besides the 2 developmental causes there is also the congenital, but that is [...]

How to Treat a Bulging Disc in Lower Back at Home

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There is so much info on how to treat a bulging disc in lower back at home out there, ranging from many treatment options to various exercises to bulging disc surgery. This can make it very confusing for most, so to create some clarity for you I will list the 3 best options on how [...]

Acupuncture for Lower Back Pain As Effective as Sham Treatment?

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Acupuncture for lower back pain has been removed from the NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) list of effective treatments to manage back pain. Health officials at NICE have concluded that there is insufficient evidence to prove that acupuncture is effective, following a review into guidance on dealing with lower back pain. [...]