You May Increase Risk Heart Attack Having Dinner After 19:00

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We all lead a busy lifestyle, rushing around all day and finishing late at work. By the time you got through the busy traffic and maybe spend some time with your partner or kids, it is late before you even have started the cooking. Millions of Britons are increasing their risk of heart attacks by [...]

The Herbal Remedy That Relieves Pain, Combats Inflammation and Fights Weight Gain

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There is nothing worse then struggling with back pain or joint pain everyday. It can have a dramatic effect on the quality of your life. Even worse on top of that most will probably resort out of desperation to dangerous prescription medication. Or even have those very dangerous steroid injections. Unfortunately not many will know [...]

10 Common Back Pain Mistakes & Misconceptions

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Having worked with 1000's of back pain patients for the last 25 years in my Clinic, I came to realise that there are a number of common mistakes & misconceptions, when people try to find relief from their back ache. I have compiled the 10 most common mistakes & misconceptions I came across over the [...]

The Forbidden Natural Cancer Cures

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Most will be aware of how big Pharma and the cancer industry in general try to rubbish the amazing work natural health physicians do for those suffering from cancer. There are many well documented natural treatments that very effectively treat cancer, without the horrific side effects of for example radiotherapy. But is not good for [...]

9 Ways Your Skin Can Reveal Serious Health problems

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Here is an interesting article I came across about how our skin can tell us a lot about our health. Not sure about you but I am not necessarily keep an eye out on my skin all the time to see if I have any health issues. That definitely will change from today. The article [...]

8 Arthritis Myths Debunked by Dr Mark Wiley

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I am sure you will find this special report from Dr. Mark Wiley, excerpted from his book 'Arthritis Reversed', as much an eye opener as I did:    Meet Dr. Mark Wiley 30 Days to Lasting Relief From Joint Pain and Arthritis. For any wellness action plan to work there must be a [...]

When to Use Ice Instead of Heat For Pain?

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I’ve regularly talked about how heat can relieve pain in muscles and joints, but also provide effective healing of soft tissue injuries. For those have been following me here on the site or have read my book, will know that my #1 favourite way of providing effective deep heat is Far Infrared heat. By far [...]

How to Stop Your Back Pain WITHOUT Going Into SPACE?

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U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly had a good reason to 'stand tall' when he returned home, after nearly a year on the International Space Station. Not only has he set new records among U.S. astronauts for most time in space and longest continuous time in space… he literally stands more than 4 cm taller after his [...]