BaxMax Back Brace Review – Lumbar Support Belt Worth Buying?

In this Baxmax review I want to discuss if the BaxMax back support is indeed 5 times better, as the company is suggesting, than any other lumbar support belt, if it's worth the money and if you should be using back support at all.

Before I start I want to first look at what the 'supposed' purpose is off using a belt...

How Does a Back Belt Support the Back?

It is often claimed, and maybe you have been told, that wearing a back belt will support your spine and prevent a back injury.

baxmax reviewWorkers at certain companies are required to wear them, maybe you are wearing one at work too...

But do these supports do what is claimed? Or could they actually cause harm?

Or a better question to ask...

How might back belts help to support the back?

To answer this question we first need to look at how a 'back belt' is supposed to provide support...

The Intra-Abdominal Balloon Mechanism

Lumbar support belts do not hold the back in, as many presume. Back belts function primarily to hold the stomach in, thus increasing intra-abdominal pressure.

This has led some to refer to these belts as abdominal belts rather than as back belts.

So, how does increasing intra-abdominal pressure support the spine?

Just for a moment think of the abdominal cavity and the abdominal organs as some squishy liquid. Then realize that the abdominal cavity becomes a closed chamber when we bear down and hold our breath, which we instinctively do when we lift heavy things.

This chamber is closed on the bottom by the anal sphincter and on the top by the diaphragm..

When bearing down, the abdominal contents tend to push outwards. But if you contract your deep abdominal muscles, the obliques and the transverse abdominus muscles, or using a thick belt, the abdominal contents are forced upwards rather than outwards. (according some older studies)

This theoretically provides a decompressive effect on the lumbar spine.

But more recent scientific evidence fails to support some of these theoretical assumptions...

Some of these recent studies identified that an increase in intra-abdominal pressure actually results in an increase (rather than a decrease) in compressive forces on the lower spine.

Having said that, from my 23 years professional clinical experience, and from talking to many colleques, there is benefit from using a belt...

Should you wear a belt to support your back and prevent injury?

My personal recommendations are that you should wear a supportive belt as follows:

  1. only for the first few days or weeks after a severe back injury while the area is healing or only during the lifting of very heavy objects.
  2. If you have never had a back injury, I would avoid a belt entirely.

It is far more important to focus on using proper form and posture when bending and lifting and even sitting.  But at the same time to perform core stability muscle conditioning exercises regularly, as these muscles will support and protect the spine.

Ok, so we cleared this up, but that still leaves us with one question...

What Makes the BaxMAX UNIQUE From Other Belts?

According the company, BaxMAX has unique features that make it "the world's best back support", which are as follows...

  1. The patented pulley system between the the two halves of the belt.  The pulley is said to allow for a 5X mechanical advantage over any other back support so the BaxMAX is able to tighten 5X tighter!
  2. The BaxMAX is made of a breathable mesh, making it the lighter and more comfortable in comparison to other back supports.


here's what customers of the BaxMax back brace have to say...


Why is the BaxMax pulley system unique?

Before answering this question, first I want to discuss spinal compression...

Those that have been reading my books, following my info on my website will know that one of the main culprits of back pain is...


This gravity causes a gradual increase in compression of the spine as the day progresses.

Ever felt the need to lay down after a day of on your feet or sitting for hours on end, as that is the only way you know you get relief?!

If by lying down your symptoms reduce it's a sign you have a spinal condition caused by compression.

This also means that your lower back pain most likely feels better at the start of the day, as during the night your spine will have been decompressed as you were lying horizontally for many hours.

The BaxMax Pulley allows for better decompression

Using the pulley system (see pic to the right please) you are able to tighten the back belt 5x faster than any other lumbar support belt available today. Allowing for better decompression of the baxmax pulley systemspine, when you need it most during those activities causing lumbar spine compression, providing you with instant pain relief.

On the other hand it is made of material that is different from other support belts...

Baxmax is made of breathable mesh

Because it is made of lightweight mesh it is...

  1. easy washable
  2. does not cause heat build up thus excess sweating
  3. can be easily worn underneath clothes

The PROs & CONs


  • Instant pain relief WITHOUT the need for dangerous pain killers or other drugs
  • The pulley system is made of quality repelling line, allowing for prolonged use, even potentially beyond it's warranty period.
  • Try risk FREE - Full money back guarantee for 30 days, no questions asked
  • The official website has a measure chart for ease of choosing the correct size
  • Continue being able to carry on with prolonged standing, sitting or lifting (no substitute for lifting heavier!)


Prolonged use will cause atrophy (weakening) of muscles

Thinking can lift heavier than normal - increased chance of re-injuring

Do NOT use the Baxmax with the following conditions...

  • pregnancy
  • gastrointestinal conditions
  • vascular (circulation) disorders
  • abdominal or inguinal hernia

As usual if you are not sure your medical condition could be negatively impacted by the use of this product, I recommend that you consult your physician first.

Are there any risks associated with wearing a lower back belt?

I touch upon this a little earlier in this article already, but as this is important I just want to highlight it here again...

  1. The main risk associated with wearing a back belt is the weakening of the supportive spinal muscles when using the BaxMax most of the time. These are the deep abdominal and back muscle, that normally support your spine, but when they weaken it increases the stress on your spinal structures.

If these muscles become weaker, when you stop wearing the belt, you may be more likely to hurt your back. In a recent study, there was an increase in the number and severity of back injuries following a period of belt wearing.

2. Another risk associated with wearing a lumbar belt is that workers may be inclined to lift heavier objects while wearing them. This could result in an increased risk of injury.


Unfortunately many involved in the back pain industry prey on those desperate to get rid of their back pain, willing to do anything. So now you are probably overwhelmed with ill-defined options for treatment and products, which left you with burning questions like… Which would work? Which would simply drain my wallet? And which might actually leave me in worse shape than when I’d started?

It’s NOT your fault, because you are locked into a medical and cultural paradigm that dictates an unending parade of ineffective treatments & products...

…becoming nothing more than forage for the back pain industry’s hungry machinery.

From my professional clinical experience there is no support belt like the BaxMax. It definitely can help for the first few days or weeks after a lower back injury while the spine is healing. Allowing you to continue with your daily life...

But it can also be very useful for those lifting very heavy objects, either in work or in other daily scenarios. But avoid lifting heavier than normal please.

But if you have never had a back injury, I would avoid a belt entirely.  It is more important to focus on using proper form and posture when bending and lifting and even sitting, and to perform strength & conditioning exercises regularly to keep your core muscles strong.

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