Nubax Trio Back Pain Reliever Review – Does This Back Traction Device Work?

The Nubax Trio comes from Australia and has seen a soaring popularity among back traction devices in the last few years. Especially for those whom understand the enormous benefits of daily spinal decompression therapy, but can not use an inversion table for health reasons.

Or simply are afraid to hang up side down...

In this Nubax Trio Back Pain Reliever Review I will be answering questions like...

Is the Nubax Trio® be a good alternative to inversion tables? Is it capable of relieving back pain fast? Where can you find the lowest price?

Nubax Trio Review - The Scientifically PROVEN Lower Back Pain Reliever

Having been developed for over 7 years, an investment of 2 MILLION in its production and a scientific study proving just how effective it is for relieving back pain in the short and long-term... the Nubax® Trio is quickly becoming the fastest, easiest and one of the most affordable ways to quickly and effectively relieve (sometimes instantly eliminate) back pain...

... without harmful drugs, dangerous surgery or giving up your first born in order to afford it.

Spinal decompression has been done for more than 2000 years, as it was originally invented by the Greeks. This can be achieved through inversion or traction therapy, which can effectively relieve back pain from herniated/bulging discs, back arthritis, sciatica, muscle injuries and pinched nerves.

nubax trio back stretcher

Most of my patients have experienced pain relief within 1 week using the Nubax...

The Nubax Trio decompresses and stretches your spine in a way that you can’t possibly do on your own, without the need for inverting.

Later on I will talk about the clinical study done with the actual Nubax® itself. The results even impressed me...

...a 100% improvement in physical function, pain and stiffness... in just 3 weeks!

And all this can be done in the comfort of your own home.

But first I want to explain how it works...

How Does the Nubax Trio Work?

You know those dried up sponges? They are hard, inflexible and even slightly brittle...

When you pour a glass of water over the top of that sponge, it will fill up with water as it expands and becomes softer, more flexible and... more 'spongy'.

This is exactly what your spine is doing every single day!

As you go about your daily live, gravity is literally squeezing water out of your discs. This same scenario happens to a wet sponge if you slowly apply pressure with your hands.

As the pressure gradually increases in the discs, less and less water can flow through and apply the 'sponge-like' effect to your discs.

This daily process causes your discs get thinner over time, resulting in pressure, pain and stiffness in your spine.

In other words... it hurts!

Without water in your discs to help absorb the pressure on your spine caused by gravity as well as normal wear-and-tear on your body each day... you begin experiencing the pain you're probably feeling as you read this right now. (heard of the term 'non-specific back pain'? this is the main reason why...)


... as we get older our bodies become less able to fill our spinal discs with that necessary 'cushioning-water' - which is one of the main reasons your back is killing you at the end of the day.

And the good news is...

The Nubax® eliminates that problem!

spine before using nubax

Spine before using Nubax...

spine whilst using nubax

Spine whilst using Nubax...







As you lean forward into the device, the stretch or decompression increases the space between your vertebrae, which in turn takes the pressure off the discs and nerves. At the same time ligaments and muscles are stretched (allowing your back muscles to full relax), so your spine is being re-aligned again.

When your back is being stretched whilst on the Nubax Trio, it not only decompresses the discs but also stretches the discs. This is important as the disc are a osmotic structure...

Meaning that when stretched it will suck fluid into the disc, which is needed to keep the discs re-hydrated and to absorb with this fluid the nutrients important for healing and long term health and maintaining good height.

It will also take the pressure off the nerve and relieves your pain, often instantly...

...Without the need of medication, cortisone shots and surgery!

It's So Simple to Use - An 80 Year Old Lady Patient Swears by It!

There are only 3 easy steps to getting back pain relief and you just have to lean 3-6 mins forward...

how to use nubax trio
Step 1 - kneel between the nubax handles...


Step 2 - Clip in the waist belt and hold the handles


Step 3 - Lean forward into the device for 3-6 mins


Yes, it's that simple to use... even an 80 year old lady patient in my clinic uses it daily and absolutely loves it.

And if you're worried about your knees or hips... don't be!

One of my patients whom had BOTH knees replaced, simply puts a thick pillow under his knees. Other patients who have trouble getting up off the floor say they are now using the device in their beds.

Bottom line: Don't let excuses stop you from experiencing back pain relief!

How long do you use the Nubax Trio?

You only need to use the Nubax Trio back pain reliever for about 6 minutes of treatment per day.

So Easy & So Effective... It has My Personal Stamp of Approval

I am not easy impressed with back pain products, to be honest I disregard 99% of products available today...

Only he ones I am impressed by and know are beneficial I recommend to my patients and readers.

First I do a lot of research and need to see the use first hand and hear if it is beneficial from my patients, so the Nubax Trio meets all my criteria.

Nubax Trio vs. Inversion Table

The Nubax Trio back stretcher is smaller and takes up much less space than an inversion table, but don't think that is really a major issue. It is said to be portable, but if you have back pain I would not suggest to move it around. An inversion table can be folded well and is portable, although most will say it is not. But I don't think you need it to be portable as I'm sure it will be used from home anyway...

The main benefit of an inversion is that it allows for decompressing your spine using the force of gravity. You invert at a certain angle (from as low as 30 degrees to full inversion – hanging upside down) and gravity stretches the spine, reverting the daily compression of your spine when upright.

The downside is that certain health conditions stop you from using an inversion table. But on the other hand some people are not very keen on hanging upside down as it can cause a few temporary side effects, like dizziness and slight headache.

For those with certain health conditions or afraid of inverting, the Nubax Trio is the next best choice.

Because it does not require hanging upside down at any angle, and spinal decompression is created through active stretching, although with very little effort in your part.

The downside is that it does not allow for decompression of your neck. That is where the inversion table comes in...

There is No Strain On Your Joints – The Nubax requires little effort on your part, and causes no strain on other joints in your body.

Does the Nubax Work?

Scientific Study Proves It... 100% Improvement In Physical Function, Stiffness
And Pain Reduction In Just 3 Short Weeks!

nubax trio traction device

The Nubax takes just minutes a day and is easy to use...

Earlier in this article I mentioned the scientific study, which blew my mind and finally convinced me that the Nubax® was the 'real deal and worth recommending to my patients?

This study was done at the School of Sport Science, Exercise & Health in Western Australia, which was to scientifically PROVE the effectiveness of the Nubax® machine.

They found the following...

  • the first 3 weeks, the participants noticed a 100% improvement in physical function, stiffness and pain as a whole.
  • When only looking at 'physical function' (the ability to move your body) by itself ... participants enjoyed a 350% increase in physical function in just 3 weeks of using the Nubax®.
  • After just 6 weeks of using the Nubax®... they experienced an increase of 143.75% in overall improvement!

That could be you in 3 weeks time, all your stiffness and physical function improved by 100%.

So you finally start enjoying the simple things in life again, like playing football with your child, or playing your favourite sport again etc.

You Probably Have Heard Many Claims Before...

Skeptical still? Not surprised, as so many times you may have read those amazing claims of products you bought before, but never delivered on their promises.

There are many reviews on Amazon or the Nubax website itself, you can have a look at... But one that caught my eye was from a 80-year-old woman, whom has been suffering from osteoarthritis for 7 years, affecting her knees, hips and her spine.

This is what she had to say...

“I purchased a NUBAX machine, and have not been to the pool since I began to use it. JUST WONDERFUL ! !
Using it two minutes just twice a day, gave me immediately a feeling of “length”, of comfort, of “rightness” in my lower back.
After using the device for about two weeks, I am now able to walk with more stability, my sciatica has improved and the pain is a lot less.”

I hear from many of my patients, whom I advised to use a Nubax or inversion table, the amazing benefits they felt. For those whom are interested to read the above lady's full review and other you can read the reviews here.

The Nubax Trio Cost

As I mentioned earlier this traction device is one of the cheaper options, especially if you compare it to going for regular visits to a clinic, using the The DRX 9000 Or Vax-D.

This is something your chiropractor will most likely suggest to help alleviate your pain.

The average cost is usually somewhere between $2,000 - $4,000 over a 3-6 month period (yikes!) and once those treatments are over... you receive no extra treatment and no further pain relief.

In other words... you're paying roughly $2,000 - $4,000 or so (depends on where you live, your doctor, etc.)... for about 6 months worth of pain relief. Plus you'll be required to spend 2-4 days per week at your chiropractors!

Sound like fun to you? It sure as heck doesn't to me!

Or you can go down the road of spine surgery...

But unfortunately most spinal surgeries have a low rate of success. It's called "Failed Back Surgery Syndrome"... and it affects almost 60% of people who have some type of lumbar spine surgery!

Let me ask you... do you want to put yourself through the stress and trauma or spinal surgery - and then have a chance of ending up with permanent damage?

You only pay a one time fee of around $290 and you can be in control and use it as much as you want... although I would recommend using it 1-3 times per day for 3-6 minutes.

Reserve Yours Today and Take Advantage of the 30 Day Money Back Guarentee

I understand you've probably tried everything under the sun and have yet to find relief from your nagging back pain. That's why I'm willing to give you a guarantee you can't pass up.

You can take advantage of the 30 days guarantee, to see if you're part of the 81% of people who experience back pain relief by using the Nubax® and decompressing your spine for just 3-6 minutes a day.

And if for some reason you don't think it's a better option than dangerous surgery or expensive chiropractic machines... simply send it back and you'll receive a prompt, courteous refund of your purchase price (minus shipping and restocking fee).

Plus... You'll Also Receive This Free Bonus Which Supercharges Your Results!

Reserve your Nubax® today and you'll also receive this exclusive, instantly downloadable bonus, for those whom wish to supercharge their results even faster.

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The Nubax® reduces your pain by giving your discs a "sigh of relief" as it creates a negative vacuum and sucks the disc back into it's natural spot... as well as flooding the disc with shock-absorbing water and nutrient-rich fluids which allow your body to naturally heal itself.
This book supercharges that healing process and allows you to heal even FASTER than with the Nubax® alone![/content_box]
If you are still not sure if this traction device is right for you, than here are...

14 Reasons to Reserve Your Nubax Today

1) Takes Just 3-6 Minutes Per Day - This is the "easiest" way to get back pain relief I've ever come across. Simply kneel into the Nubax®, lean forward and allow your spine to stretch. Hold that stretch for 3-6 minutes a few times per day. That's it!

No drugs, no surgeries, no bank-emptying bills from your health professional.

2) No Strain On Your Joints - The Nubax® requires very little effort on your part, and puts virtually no strain on other joints in your body. Many people who've tried other options such as the Inversion Table often complain about joint strain. When you begin using the Nubax® you’ll never have to worry about that again!

3) Less Frequent Chiropractor Visits - Chiropractor visits are great at reducing subluxations and re-aligning you spine, however…

The Nubax® does the same thing - WITHOUT the need to jump in your car... drive 10-30 minutes... sit in the waiting room for another 15 minutes... spend 15 minutes in the room getting adjusted... paying your ridiculous co-pay (like you're not already paying too much for lousy health insurance?)... then driving home another 10-30 minutes.

Who in their right mind would want to continue wasting 1-2 hours going to the chiropractor when you can spend just a few short minutes (in the comfort of your own home) on the Nubax® and experience similar results?

4) Is Perfectly Safe For Those With High Blood Pressure And Diabetes - Another downfall of an Inversion Table is people with high blood pressure, diabetes and many other conditions either have a hard time using it... or can't. With the Nubax® there are very few health condition limitations (see the FAQ below for more details).

5) It's Small And Lightweight - Weighing in at just 16 pounds with the ability to fold and store under your bed... the Nubax® can be carried and moved by virtually anybody and takes up just a few tiny feet of space!

6) Resume Your Favorite Activities Again - If you're like many of my customers and clients, you're frustrated that you can't golf, go bowling, do fun activities with your family, or hardly anything else involving any kind of physical motion. Once you begin using the Nubax® you'll finally be able to do your favorite activities again...

... and get your life back to how it was before your back pain!

7) Work Productively - In today's economy, you can't afford anything that may jeopardize your job. Yet when you're living your day in a fog from medication or overwhelming pain... you can't perform your job as well as you should - and people notice. Imagine how much better and more efficient you'll work once you feel comfortable all day, instead of working for 8 hours in pain!

8) Provides Fast, Sometimes Instant Relief - One of the near miraculous aspects of the Nubax® is that in some cases, you can get instant relief. I've personally seen people hardly able to walk up to the Nubax®... use it for just a few minutes... and stand up feeling 90-100% relief from their back pain.

9) Provides Long-Term Benefits And Overall Spine Health - Because of what happens as your spine decompresses (nutrient-rich fluids are "sucked" into your discs, re-cushioning your discs with extra water, and relieving the pressure caused by gravity)... your back pain naturally fades away into the background... leaving you more energetic, happier and free to do the things you want to do, not what your back allows you to do...

10) Gives Relief Without Harmful Drugs Or Surgery - Harmful anti-inflammatory drugs cause long-term damage you may not even know about... and risky surgery may leave you with MORE agony if something goes wrong... and even if it goes right - may NOT be a permanent solution!

11) Clinically Proven To Work - In a clinical study conducted by The School of Sport Science, Exercise & Health in Western Australia... researchers found that participants improved their overall physical function, stiffness and pain reduction by 100% in just 3 weeks... and 147% in just 6 short weeks!

12) Sleep Through The Night In Peace - Imagine how amazing your days will go when you sleep peacefully through the night... then wake up in the morning and hop out of bed like a spring chicken instead of squirming awkwardly out of bed!

13) Reduce Shrinking As You Age! - Height reduction (AKA - "shrinking") as you age is an embarassing yet undeniable fact. As you begin using the Nubax® daily and take the gravitational pressure off your spine, allowing it to rebuild itself and maintain its strength... it slows down the "shrinking" process and helps prevent the infamous "hump" you commonly see in elderly folks.

14) No More Huge Bills - The other 2 options you have (expensive machines or surgery) each cost about 10x more than the Nubax®... are more of a hassle... and may even give you permanent damage if not done perfectly...

Some Final Thoughts

I can't claim this is the 'only' treatment you'll need to keep your back healthy and pain-free for the rest of your life, since back pain is always caused by a combination of underlying causes like muscle imbalances, trigger points, nutritional deficiencies and excess negative emotions and stress.

However you should know this:

The Nubax Trio® back stretcher is something I personally recommend everyone should use (even those without back pain)... due to its amazing ability to heal and strengthen the spine over the long term.

In fact... in my opinion...

... the Nubax® is just as important to your back health as fish oils and exercise are to your heart!

It's not something you SHOULD do... it's something you MUST do to create and maintain a healthy, pain-free spine.

It's Decision-Making Time!

Right now, you have 3 options...

Your first option is simply doing NOTHING This takes you down a torturous road of pain, frustration and embarrassment as you try and "deal" with your pain instead of banishing it and getting your life back.

Your second option is taking the advice of your doctor. They'll either ask you to prepare for back surgery... ... pump you full of harmful drugs... or ask you to pony up a few thousand bucks to use the "DRX 9000" or the "Vax-D" (which do the same thing as the Nubax®... for 10x the price)

The third option is reserving your Nubax® today for a low 1-time payment of $299... and experiencing both short-term as well as long-term back pain relief.

You'll wake up each morning feeling refreshed as you sleep soundly like a baby through each night...

... having the ability to finally perform the activities you love (golf, swimming, biking, bowling, playing with your children or grandchildren, etc.)...

... and remembering what it feels like to have a young, energetic, flexible and pain-free body!

Which one would YOU rather choose?

I trust you'll make the right decision in choosing to give the Nubax® a try.

Remember, the Nubax® Trio is scientifically proven to work. However, some problems need more immediate and direct attention.

Start your journey to living pain free and enjoy the simple things in life again...


Here is what you get if you order today...

Nubax TrioThe Nubax® Trio - Weighing just 16 pounds so you can pick it up and store it away easily
and only takes 3-6 mins to use...

  • Instructional DVD - This instructional DVD reveals exactly how to piece the Nubax®
    together (it takes just 10-15 minutes...
  • The Nubax® Trio Users Guide - This short manual gives you a step-by-step (with pictures) Natural Pain Relief Truths
    guide to assembling your Nubax®...
  • Natural Pain Relief Truths - This short, power-packed special report supercharges and activates your body's natural healing abilities...


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