Back Pain Clinic in Kington – Find Back Pain Centre in Kington Herefordshire

[ssad ssadblk="AdLeft"]You are here looking for a back pain clinic in Kington Herefordshire as you presumably are suffering from back pain or sciatica.

You are not alone struggling with backache, there are millions in the UK who are struggling with a persistent aching back and sciatica for years.

By now you are probably overwhelmed with ill-defined options for back & neck pain treatment, which left you with burning questions like…

Which would work? Which would simply drain my wallet?

Which back pain centre in Kington Herefordshire should I choose?

And which might actually leave me in worse shape than when I’d started?

It’s NOT your fault, because you are locked into a medical and cultural paradigm that dictates an unending parade of ineffective treatments.

One procedure leads to the next until you finally abandon your status as a functional person with a low back problem…

…becoming nothing more than forage for the back pain industry’s hungry machinery.

Should I See a Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor?

Physiotherapists, unlike Chiropractors & Osteopaths, learn about muscle imbalances but not in the way it should be taught.

So choose a back pain clinic in Kington Herefordshire wisely...

The exercises often taught by most manual therapists are too basic and do not address the real muscle imbalance problems.

Thus NOT providing effective lower back pain relief long term.

Often people are being manipulated and told to perform a few simple back pain exercises.

They will then be explained to come back in 2 months for another manipulation as their back will be out of alignment again or the joint needs loosening off again…?

…nothing could be further from the truth!

You need to find a back pain clinic in Kington Herefordshire with a practitioner that approaches all 3 pillars... body, mind and diet

...and makes sure all are balanced correctly!

If these 3 pillars, as I refer to them, are un-balanced our body can’t heal properly.

Thus no back and neck pain relief is found…

Your body is constantly striving to achieve and maintain equilibrium in all aspects, and oftentimes all it needs to heal is a gentle reminder of what “normal” is.

In other words you often will find a combination of various causes, within each of the 3 pillars, that are all working together to keep you in pain.

Hope this helps in choosing the right back pain centre in Kington Herefordshire that is a perfect fit for you.

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About the Author:

He is a Physiotherapist, specialising in back pain, author and known as a rebel in the back pain industry. He has 24 years clinical experience, having helped hundreds of patients in his clinic and thousands worldwide to overcome back pain. He is on a mission to change how spinal conditions are treated...