9 Ways Your Skin Can Reveal Serious Health problems

Here is an interesting article I came across about how our skin can tell us a lot about our health. Not sure about you but I am not necessarily keep an eye out on my skin all the time to see if I have any health issues.

That definitely will change from today. The article discusses the major 9 signs of poor health that our skin can reveal to us. Some are a little more obvious so you would have identified those already, but others are a little more obscure.

So it is definitely worth a read to discover the 9 warning signs your skin can tell you about potential serious health problems.

Don't take this information for granted as it could save your life...
"Checking for changes in moles has become second nature, with all the worries and ­warnings over skin cancer .

But little changes in your skin, whether a rash, puckering or new bump, can also be an early sign of other diseases lurking in your body.

And being able to spot the signs sooner rather than later could make a massive difference.

Dr Joanna Gach, consultant dermatologist at Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull, explains: “The skin is your body’s largest organ so it stands to reason that if things aren’t quite right on the inside, there will be telltale signs on the outside.”

While the majority of skin changes can be eczema or skin infections, which are easily diagnosed and treated, some can be signs of something a lot more sinister. If they don’t disappear after a few days or they get worse, it’s always best to see a GP.

Dr Gach says: “Hopefully it will be something ­harmless that can be treated with medication. But often the more dangerous conditions don’t present with any pain so it’s important to take these things seriously.”

So which lumps, bumps, rashes, puckering and marks should you be worried about? And what could they be?

Here, Dr Gach talks you through those other changes we should all be watching out for..."

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Please share your experiences with checking your skin for potential health issues and how it may have saved you from potential serious health issues. And don't forget to share this article with loved ones so it may help them too...

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